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10 Entertaining Must Haves

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

1) Serving Plates

A set of serving plates is always a great idea for the home entertainer. Whether it's clean white plates for a catered look or a funky mix of patterns and colors. Serving plates add a "put together" look to your table.

2) Cutting Boards

Cutting boards serve many purposes. Not only for the obvious food prep but having a few on hand to double has serving platters. Cutting boards add a casual and rustic feel to any party. They're great for cheese boards!

3) Napkins

I have bought so many of these "napkins". They're actually dish towels but they do the trick. A simple pattern and natural material make it a bit more casual and relaxed. Add them to each place setting or lay them neatly in a basket for a buffet style table.

4) Ice/Drink Bucket

These are great for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. These galvanized buckets are perfect for ice, soda, liquor or champagne bottles (Mmmm... mimosa bar).

5) Wine/Cocktail Glasses

Stemless wine glasses look great on a beverage table. Set them up next to a punch bowl, mimosa bar or wine station so your guests can help themselves to a beverage. Not to mention you can fit many more stemless glasses in your dishwasher.

6) Cake Stand

Seriously you could put just about anything on a cake stand and it would look gourmet. I have no shame in making a box cake mix with canned frosting and putting atop a cute cake stand and neither should you!

7) Cocktail Set

As a former bartender I can't stress the importance of a cocktail set. These really come in handy when creating those holiday cocktails or just feeling like an adult when mixing drinks at home. After all, our college kegger days are over.

8) Tea Kettle/Coffee Maker

Serving tea or coffee with dessert is always classy AF. This super cute tea kettle and coffee maker are next level.

9) Party Crock Pot

This is a must have! These crock pots hold a variety of foods all at once with individual temperature control. Great for food stations, football parties, birthday parties and outdoor BBQ's. The possibilities are endless!

10) Drink Dispensers

Why not make that holiday cocktail in bulk? Or create your own flavored water with mint and cucumber? These drink dispensers make it easy for guests to help themselves thus giving you more time to relax and enjoy the party!

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