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DIY Open Farmhouse Shelving

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Just a little background on our home. We purchased it in March 2018 and although the land is exactly what we wanted the home is a bit smaller than I wanted. The kitchen in this home is TINY! It's definitely not a cook's kitchen and I spend a lot of time racking my brain on how to create additional storage.

We had some dead space between the end of the upper cabinets and the door to our office/mudroom. Adding some open shelving filled the space and provided storage for my canisters (that even though took up a ton of counter space I refuse to get rid of).

A few brackets, some pine lumber and that's it.

The pine could be stained and sealed if you prefer but I left it natural for this project. I really like the light color of the wood.

Materials Needed:

Shelf Brackets

1"x 8"x 32" Pine from Lowe's

Glass Canisters


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