• Mel

Hello Gorgeous!

Now that it's not as hot as the devil's ass crack I can actually get outside and do some much needed yard work. I've been cleaning up the over grown flower beds, moving plants that are growing on top of one another and just generally sprucing everything up (completion post to come). On this day, I came around the far side of the house cussing at myself for breaking the rake (I was having one of those arguments in my head where I finally told someone exactly what I think of them and I guess it got pretty heated because the next thing I heard was "SNAP" and there went the rake). Anywho, on my way to the out building (to get sturdier rake) I saw this single Camellia bloom and needed to snap a pic. We have several Camellias but this was the first bloom I've seen and I LOVE IT! Now I just need to figure out how to care for them

.... add it to the list.

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