• Mel

New Farmhouse Curtains!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I've been searching high and low for curtains for our bedroom and I've finally found some that I'm in love with. I really wanted a light color but I also wanted something that was really going to block the light when closed. Not that I get to sleep in anymore but if the rare occasion presents itself I want to be prepared. One draw back to these particular curtains is that they are sold as ONE panel! I repeat ONE panel for $42.99. I made the mistake thinking it was a pair, not the case. That being said $42.99 per panel is steep BUT they are very nice and of great quality. To date I've had nothing but cheap mismatched curtains. It looks like a God damn fraternity in here. So here I am trying to be an adult and finally have a decent set of curtains.

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