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The Beginning...

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Long before a husband, a baby, 3 dogs, 20 chickens and a homestead there was a young, foul mouthed northerner who moved to the Bible Belt on a whim. Life was full of late nights bartending, obscene amounts of alcohol and friendships that, surprisingly, would last a life time. It was wonderful! Although nothing lasts forever, adulthood was inevitable, she finally landed her big girl job. Working in a high stress, male dominated environment, taking on more than she could possibly handle to prove her worth was the new way of life. So after killing herself for 5 years and clawing her way up the ladder, to a more than comfortably salary, she married and became pregnant. The metaphorical crossroad stood in front of her and circumstances being what they were she chose to leave it all behind and embark on her new position as a stay at home Mom. This new position, although coveted, is extremely underpaid and undervalued. A fraction of that 20-year-old girl is still there but she only comes out after a bottle of red wine and some 90’s R&B. 😊


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