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The Chicken Chronicles

We're now several months into chicken ownership and since our hens are too young to produce eggs all we have is a bunch of freeloaders. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they are taking care of plenty of insects for us but it's definitely not 50/50 give and take.

Nonetheless, there are a few products that we purchased over the course of this expedition that I wanted to share.

First, lets talk brooders. Through endless research I've discovered that literally anything can be used as a brooder for your chicks. We opted for a large steel trough (like a water trough). We then put some chicken wire on top (to keep out the barn cats), added some cedar chips and a heat lamp. Done and done!

Now once your chicks of age (about 6 weeks) they can be moved to your coop. Now that's a WHOLE other post. I will say that my dear husband, bless his heart, the man builds to last and those damn birds are living in what I refer to as the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. Again, that's for another day.

On to waterers and feeders! Once the chicks graduated from the small waterers and feeders we chose a similar style. These basically have a top piece and a bottom (tray) piece. You must twist the top off, turn it upside down to fill then twist the bottom back on and flip right side up. I HATE these waterers and feeders. HATE THEM! Firstly, chickens tend to shit on EVERYTHING. In their water, on the feeders, everywhere! SO the last thing I want to do is splosh (technical term) shitty water all over myself. It smells, I just can't. After a few weeks of that I begged the hubs for an upgrade.

This style thus far has been wonderful. It holds far more water and it's stationary (for us anyway). It does have a handle so if your water source isn't close by you can carry it but luckily our hose reaches to the chicken run so it works for me.

TIP: add 1 TBSP of Apple cider vinegar per gallon of water to keep your waterer from getting algae in it. I've heard the vinegar also helps with the chicken's digestion.

The feeder we're using is basic, fills from the top so it's pretty clean. I'd really like to get the bucket style with the feeding ports because I think these would be better suited for being outside in the elements. Maybe I'll add it the my Christmas list?

To be continued...

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